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Last Updated Saturday May 26 2018 01:41 AM IST

Tomato upma

Tomatoes add colour and flavour to this breakfast favourite.

Fruit smoothie

A super drink for breakfast or teatime, this smoothie is a powerful combination of protein, vitamin, roughage, anti oxidants and Omega3 fatty acids.

Egg rice

Breakfast, lunch or dinner … cereals are a musthave for most of us. Carbrich cereals charge us with energy and are best eaten with proteins for a balanced meal. Rice, wheat, oats, barley, corn, the list of cereals goes endless. Bina Mathew and Razia Maliekal bring us a cereal experience with...

Seasonal Fruit Salad

The teens are always smart, which makes it even more important to take smart food.They need a balanced diet which provides enough carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, not to leave out iron to prevent anaemia and lots of calcium for healthy bones. For this, it is important that they take


Foods that fight Cancer

Cancer happens when a cell or a group of cells in our body forget their duties and multiply beyond control. The diets, stress, carcinogens, effects of harmful radiations, viruses, or hormones also contribute in some way or the other in causing cancer. Researches show that most of the time the


Sprouted Green Gram Fried Rice

Green grams are rich in proteins. Sprouted green grams contain, in addition, plenty of vitamin C and vitamin B12. Another advantage is that they are quickly digested.


A south Indian salad variant from the food palette of Karnataka, Kosambri is a mixture of legumes and vegetables tempered deliciously the south Indian way.

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