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Last Updated Wednesday April 25 2018 12:29 PM IST


Duck roast

Ever relished a duck roast soaked in coconut milk that makes for a perfect combo with your rice or chappatis? This is the one!

Duck piralan

Cooked in a way exclusive to the land, the duck piralan experiments with new and innovative methods of cooking meat.

Duck Oolarthiyathu

Marinated duck cooked to perfection, this is the spicy exuberance that you've always wanted in your kitchen!

Orange Flan

Need a break from cakes this season? Go for the smooth and light burst of citrus with the ‘orange flan’, a variation of our traditional custard.

Chicken kashmiri

This chicken dish would floor you, for it’s that perfect dish for the winter—spicy with thick gravy

Chicken soup

Let’s put together some of the most sought after ingredients for the all-time favourite, chicken soup.

Noodle salad

Get innovative in your kitchen with this unique salad that has everything going for it—health, taste and fun to binge!

Fish with chilli sauce

A relatively simple and easy-to-make fish recipe that will do just as great be it on a rainy afternoon, or a cosy dinner.

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