Try this special mango curry for lunch

Try this special mango curry for lunch

This mango curry could be easily made using the ingredients that are usually available in our pantries. Moreover, with the perfect spiciness and sourness, this curry could be enjoyed as a substitute for fish curry. Check out the recipe of mango curry.


1 raw mango (not too sour)

Chilli powder as required

Turmeric powder as required

Salt as required

2 green chillies

1 small piece ginger

3 shallots

1 cup grated coconut

Curry leaves as required

1 tsp coconut oil


Remove the skin and cut the raw mango into rectangular pieces

Into an earthen vessel add the mango pieces, chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, green chillies, ginger, shallots and a pinch of fenugreek powder as well (too much fenugreek would make the curry bitter)

Cook these well

You could add a small piece of tamarind if the mango isn€™t sour enough

Grind the grated coconut into fine paste

Add the coconut paste after the mango pieces have cooked well

Mix well

When the curry boils, add curry leaves

Sprinkle 2 tsp coconut oil as well

Take the curry off the flame and allow it to rest

The gravy would thicken up nicely

Enjoy the mango curry after it has cooled down.