• Fruit cupcakes

    If you have eyed those tiny little cupcakes wishing to bake them at home, here is your recipe.

    Fruit cupcakes
  • Coffee nutty cake

    Chopped cashews add texture and richness to the cake, which could make your Christmas extra special.

    Coffee nutty cake
  • Sandwiched orange sponge cake

    A hint of tanginess from the fresh orange juice and zest add the perfect flavour balance.

    Sandwiched orange sponge cake
  • Eggless coffee cake

    Not your regular Christmas dessert but hey, coffee is always a good idea.

    Eggless coffee cake
  • Rum and raisins cake

    Celebrate your holidays with this soft cake infused with rum and raisins. A perfect Christmas time cake, rum and...

    Rum and raisins cake
  • Custard crib trifle pudding

    A four layer classic trifle pudding

    Custard crib trifle pudding
  • Trifle

    A layered custard-fruit delight

  • Cake Pops

    Cake lollipops dipped in melting chocolate

    Cake Pops
  • Chocolate ganache cake

    A chocolate cream treat

    Chocolate ganache cake
  • Mushroom cheese crostini

    An appealing appetizer from Italy

    Mushroom cheese crostini
  • Carrot cake

    A simple yet high on taste cake

    Carrot cake