This menu for coronavirus patients will make up for their isolation


Kochi: They may be quarantined, but the patients at the Kalamassery Medical College in Kerala's Ernakulam district have reasons to smile. It is an elaborate menu that had been prepared for them by the hospital authorities. The details of the menu were shared on the district information officer's social media page on Tuesday and have since made rounds on the internet winning the appreciation of many.

While the menu has been catered to address the health concerns and to aid recovery, many were of the opinion that it does, in a way, make up for the social isolation that these patients would have to endure for a while.

Kerala, given its dense population, is quarantining people suspected of coronavirus for 28 days. Three positive cases have been confirmed in the district so far with nearly 700 in isolation. Thirty, with serious symptoms, are lodged here at the hospital. It is after consulting even them that the hospital authorities prepared the menu.

Two menus have been thoughtfully prepared to suit everyone's tastes - one for Indian nationals and another for foreigners.

For breakfast, the menu includes dosa, sambhar, 2 boiled eggs, two fresh oranges, tea and mineral water for Indian nationals, and toasted bread, omelette, soup and juice for the foreigners. It will be served at 7:30am followed by fresh juice at 10:30am.

Lunch for Keralites comprises of chapathi, rice, fried fish, thoran (vegetable stir fry), curd and mineral water bottle. For foreigners, however, it is toasted bread with cheese and fruits. They are served lunch at 12pm.

Tea is accompanied with traditional snacks in the evening. Foreigners can also opt for fresh fruit juices. The dinner includes appam and vegetable curry and two big bananas. There's also toasted bread with scrambled eggs and juice for the foreigners. Children at the hospital are also given milk.

In addition to this lavish menu, provisions are also made to ensure that they have enough books to read as well.

The Kerala Health Department has urged people to take all precautionary measures, maintain social distance and avoid all non-essential travel.