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Last Updated Tuesday June 19 2018 12:30 AM IST

Is your cat on a diet?

A recent study found that while younger cats wanted protein, older cats were more likely to prefer carbohydrates, owing to a different gut microbiome than their younger mates.

How to eat like a FIFA World Cup player

Whether you aspire to become a premier footballer or you play for fun, taking the right diet is of great importance to aid body's adaptations to the training stimulus.

Peru tickles Indian taste buds

Rice, potato and corn are considered to be staples in India too, each of these ingredients is used in a variety of shapes, forms and flavours. Similarly in Peru, these ingredients form the basis for many traditional dishes.

Hyderabadi haleem, dream porridge for Iftar

Haleem, a stew of meat, lentils and wheat mixed with spices, is preferred for breaking the fast due to its energising nature, high nutritional value and soothing porridge-like texture.

Stone age man was hooked to fish

Scientists discovered evidence to suggest that humans from the Mesolithic period consumed fish and plants and also used their teeth for de-scaling activities

Beat the blues with blue tea

A cup of blue butterfly tea taken in between meals will inhibit the intake of glucose from the diet and lower blood sugar.

The divine delicacy that’s Kanchi idli

Kanchi Idlis are totally dissimilar in looks from the common variety that is popularly served all over, though the mixes that go into making the batter are more or less the same.

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