Summer special earthen pot soda

Summer special earthen pot soda

This is a delicious drink that can quench your thirst and refresh you during the harsh summer season. This is quite filling as fresh fruits too are added. Here is how you could easily prepare the mud pot soda.


1 soda (carbonated water)

1 lemon

Medium sized ginger

Half green chilli

8 tbsp sugar

½ cup chopped mangoes

½ cup chopped apple

¼ cup chopped kiwi

1 tbsp khus khus

¼ tbsp salt

15 ice cubes


Prepare the sugar syrup by mixing the sugar in 4 table spoons water

Soak the khus khus

Into a mixer jar add ginger, green chili, lemon, salt and some sugar syrup

Blend well

Add the ice cubes into an earthen pot

Now add the cubed fruits as well (you could also use pineapple, water melon, grapes and pomegranate seeds)

Add the soaked khus khus

Pour the blended mixture into the earthen pot

Now add the rest of the sugar syrup

Pour the soda / carbonated water

Enjoy the drink.