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Last Updated Saturday May 26 2018 01:43 AM IST

Chocolate Mousse

A classic french dessert that kicks up a chocolate storm in your mouth!

Arabian pulpy grape juice

This simple syrupy preparation stays in your refrigerator for months and gives you a content of semi-wine consumption each time you have it.

Arab rice

A rice dish flavored with spices and chicken pieces coming all the way from Arabia to celebrate Ramadan.

Stuffed and fried mackerel

If you are ready for a bit of action, harness your culinary skills and get ready for some real cooking and rest assured, the stuffed and fried mackerel will entice your taste buds.

Tyre Pathiri

Tasty and yummy, the tyre pathiri is an alternative to your usual breads, chappathi and appam, that goes well with any curry too.

Chappathi Roll

Chappathis rolled with vegetables and chicken, a healthy, filling and easy to carry dry lunch. Your children will surely love these irresistible rolls.

Choco Nut Haze Buns

Make those warm and delectable buns with Nutella and nuts to suit a lazy evening at home. They're made easily with things you find around in your kitchen, and goes very well with your evening coffee.

Soya Pulav

Here’s an all new rice recipe, with protein filled soya chunks, easy to make but delightfully tasty


Chicken Chilli Curry

Flavourful spices blend in well with the succulent chicken, giving it an extra twist. The chilli infuses the required drama, and your weekend recipe is made in a jiffy!


Worried what to serve your special guests for dinner? Then impress them with this awesome bread that goes too well with any curry.


Vegetable Pulao

The pulao or pilaf is among the best loved dishes in Asian cuisine. Get them vegetables, toss them into the pulao, and bring to your table, one of the finest meals ever!

Victoria Sponge Cake

Named after Queen Victoria, who used to enjoy a slice of this cake with her afternoon tea, the Victoria sponge cake is simplicity personified; It is made all the more alluring with a creamy raspberry and strawberry filling, adding that regal touch to it!


Elaneer Payasam

Elaneer or tender coconut water is a favourite beverage among the Keralites. This Vishu, try blending the goodness of elaneer with milk to make this wonderfully unique payasam.


Jack fruit Dosa

It's true! There are indeed umpteen dosas to be made and tried; this simple yet delightfully tasty jackfruit dosa is just the dosa tweak of the season!

Jackfruit Unniyappam

Unniyappams in the evening? Mighty good! Now add some sweet slices of jackfruit to it; the sunlit evening you'd always imagined.

Chettinad Chicken

Chettinad dishes are renowned for their unique flavours, and the chicken curry is a specialty.

Jackfruit cupcakes

That's smacking new! Cupcakes made with the luscious jackfruit. Grab some jackfruits, for the season has just begun, and try out this stunner of a recipe.

Mulaku bajji

We've known and loved the mulaku bajji throughout our lives; now it's time to try the stuffed version of it. Of course, with piping hot tea!


Fish Pulao

Pulao is a dinner table delight! Tweak that recipe in your cookbook to make a fish pulao in an all new Malabari style!

Tapioca with Chicken

Tapioca cooked with chicken, spices and coconut, garnished with coriander and curry leaves and mashed together to a mix, this dish is a treat for your taste buds.

Paneer Papad Fritters

It's great to be inventive; this quirky paneer snack is made interesting with a crunchy covering of papad, that wafer-thin crispy flattened bread that's everybody's favourite.

Sabudana Thalipeeth

A sago potato pancake, the sabudana thalipeeth is a Maharashtrian dish prepared during Dusshera. During the Navratri fasting, this healthy food is a great addition.

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