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Last Updated Tuesday June 19 2018 12:30 AM IST

Watermelon salad

Welcome to the world of different cheeses and a whole new list of recipes using them!What is cheese? It is a product made from churned milk. Different varieties of cheese are produced by different kinds of processing of the solid extract from churned milk. Our desi paneer aka cottage cheese is a...

Masoor dal curry

An easy to make dish, this is an excellent accompaniment with rotis or chapatis.

Paneer rolls

These uncomplicated, quicktomake paneer rolls are just great.

Mixed Vegetables in Sauce

Two easy to make menus for a bride who wants to impress her new family.The easy way to the heart is through the stomach … goes the old saying. So, let this be the new bride’s strategy to win the hearts of her husband and his family.Some tips first. While venturing for your first adventure in the



It's crunchy and light yet syrupy, and is usually topped with a liberal spread of malai (milk cream)!

Paneer Chandni

Who doesn’t love Paneer, the cream and moist cottage cheese, which forms a vital part in Indian cooking? A versatile cheese, paneer can be used in almost anything, ranging from curry to dessert.Paneer is widely available in Indian stores, but there is nothing like fresh homemade paneer. Making


Egg Burji

Everyone's favourite egg to order that goes with any main course, any time! Get it right, fluffy and piquant this time.

Fish roll with mint chutney

Looking for a tasty, nutritious evening bite? Grab the steamer, and make this easy fish roll, steam-cooked, for your health!

Rava dosa

The crispy golden dosa that tastes incredibly good!


Made of mutton and wheat, haleem is a meal in itself. Here is the Hyderabad version!

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