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Last Updated Wednesday April 25 2018 12:31 PM IST

Sweet, sour and slushy: 10 mango recipes to crave for

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Ripe mangoes

Every mango season brings the reminiscences of a past that we hold dear to our hearts. Mango seasons have always been synonymous with summer vacations, which make it a kid's favorite. Be it a Malgova or a Mallika, these juicy golden fruits would enamor you in a single bite.
Yet another mango season is here and it is time to let the stone fruit rule your kitchen. With these 10 delicious recipes we have in store, you might want 'to throw stones at' both ripe and raw mangoes.  

1) Meen manga curry

Fish cooked in coconut milk with mangoes cut into cubes, this delicious curry is the best thing to start a day with. Pair it with breads or appam to have a toothsome breakfast.  

Kerala Style Fish Curry

Find meen manga curry recipe here

2) Chakkakuru manga curry

Since the jackfruit and mango seasons often overlap, recipes using both are not a rarity. Jackfruit seeds and raw mango slices cooked in thick coconut gravy for this curry. It is best served with chembavari rice for lunch.  

Chakkakkuru manga curry

Find chakkakkuru manga curry recipe here

3) Mambazha pulissery

This one dish has been a part of the nostalgia of every middle-class Malayali. This succulent curry is something that they hold dear to their hearts.

Mango Pulissery

Click to find how to make mambazha pulissery

4) Mango peera

The sour raw mangoes also make the best side dishes, like this simple mango and scraped coconut recipe. It is easy to make with ingredients easily available in your kitchen.

Mango Peera

Find mango peera recipe here

5) Tender mango pickle

Tender mangoes or kannimanga have been a favorite of all generations. It has made its way into folk songs, idioms and proverbs in Malayalam. Wrapped tight in earthen pots, Kannimanga pickle or kadumanga achar is a never-ending fascination.

Tender Mango Pickle

Click to find out how to make tender mango pickle

6) Uppumanga curry

In the past, keeping mangoes salted in brine was a way to preserve them for the seasons when there would be a scarcity of food. The tradition of keeping mangoes salted has been kept alive still, thereby ensuring an yearlong availability of mangoes. There are many culinary applications for salted mangoes, ranging from simple chutneys to yummy side dishes.


Click to find out how to make uppumanga curry here

7) Mango pachadi

Mango pachadi is something you can whip up easily on a busy morning. Cooked with shallots and seasoned generously with mustard seeds, the curry possesses a unique flavor and aroma.

Mango pachadi

Find mango pachadi recipe here

8) Manga sambharam

Mangoes are tropical fruits. Since their season coincides with summer, attempts were made to include mangoes into the summer coolers menu. Among the list, a mango sambharam is the best thing that you can make at home with little effort -- to quench the thirst on a hot summer afternoon. 

Manga Sambharam

Click to find out how to make manga sambharam

9) Mango lassi

Make the best out of the season by blending mangoes with traditional desserts and beverages. Finish your lunch with this vitamin-rich yummy lassi. 

Mango Lassi

Find mango lassi recipe here

10) Mango apple sparkle

Try out this supercool mocktail made with mango puree and apple juice. This sparkling drink will bring the summer heat down for sure.  

Mango apple sparkle

Watch video: How to make mango apple sparkle?

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