Class six student cooks KFC-style chicken during lockdown, video goes viral

Class six student starts YouTube channel to entertain friends during lockdown

Adwaith Manav, a class six student, has started a YouTube channel to entertain and be in touch with his friends who are staying indoors due to the lockdown. His videos instantly grabbed attention and the channel has been gaining followers. Adwaith who studies at The School of Good Shepherd in Akkulam has now become a star among his school mates as well.

It was Adwaith who named his channel Times Burry and even designed the logo of the channel. The channel became a hit among his friends within just a few days after it was started. Adwaith who enjoys reading books had come up with the idea of starting a YouTube channel to engage hundreds of students like him, who are in self isolation, in interesting ways. Though his father Rajeev works in the media sector, he swears Adwaith hasn’t sought his help in starting the channel. He says that his son often takes part in the discussions that happen at home about media. Rajeev says he was surprised when Adwaith showed him the video that he had shot and edited.

In his first video, Adwaith showed the correct way to wash hands. Meanwhile, Adwaith has cooked KFC style fried chicken in his latest video. The young boy says that he is helped by his mother Parvathy both in the kitchen and behind the camera as well. The video in which Adwaith plays the song ‘Kudukku pottiya kuppayam’ from the movie Love Action Drama on guitar has become popular, earning him positive comments. He also posts automobile review videos as well. Adwaith presents the videos in English hoping that this would give him wider audience.

Adwaith’s father Rajeev Kumar is the director of Femi International Private Limited. His mother GS Parvathy works as the assistant operation manager in the Navigant India Company at Technopark. Adwaith vows his parents wholeheartedly support his activities and ideas.