Ernakulam collector urges people to try minimal cooking

Ernakulam collector says this is no time for cooking experiments

Ernakulam district collector S Suhas has reminded the people that lockdown is not the time to indulge in culinary experiments. In a message posted on his official Facebook book page the collector asked to use limited ingredients as it may create artificial scarcity in the grocery stores. He also makes an appeal to not waste food.

“A reminder to those planning to experiment on their culinary skills in these coming days. Please use limited ingredients. Please don’t waste food. It may lead to an artificial scarcity in the grocery stores. Choose wisely between luxuries and necessities. And it is even dangerous to exhaust your supplies and keep venturing out of the house frequently and visiting grocery stores. Now it is time to austere an austere not extravagant way of living…Cheers!” wrote the collector.

The world is in the face of a devastating impact due to the coronavirus pandemic and has clearly entered a recession.