This US bakery delivers cakes with quarantine messages on them

Quarantine cakes

When the whole world is struggling with lockdown amid the coronavirus scare, a small bakery in the United States of America is getting creative to spread the messages that help people stay safe from the infection. The ‘Butter &’ bakery in San Francisco has come up with the novel idea of the ‘quarantine’ cakes which bear messages like ‘wash your hands’ and ‘don’t touch your face’. Not just spreading the message, but Amanda, the owner of the bakery, hopes that her business stays afloat during the coronavirus outbreak.

Amanda used to supply high end designer cakes for weddings and birthday parties. However, most parties and public events got cancelled due to the COVID- 19 outbreak in the United States of America. But the caterers are allowed to do home deliveries. It was then that Amanda had decided to bake special cakes with the ‘coronavirus’ messages. The cakes would be baked as and when the orders are received and are delivered at homes. The small cakes that serve 1 -2 persons cost $ 50.

“In times of social isolation and fear, its human connection, acts of love and comfort food that will get us through it,” says Amanda. She hopes to cheer up her customers who might be struggling under quarantine. She asks the public to gift each other quarantine cakes to spread the messages of love and care.

Amanda writes beautiful and inspiring messages on her Instagram page and post pictures of the delicious confections. San Francisco is one of the many American cities where the restaurants and eateries have been ordered either to shut down completely or limit their capacity. She requests the people to order the more affordable quarantine cakes to help small local businesses like hers running.