The various flavours of Polish Pierogi

The various flavours of Polish Pierogi

Pierogi is one of the most popular dishes in Poland. Basically, it is a rice dumpling with various types of fillings. And pierogi can be relished as a sweet or savoury, depending on what you choose to fill it with.

Some of you might say that Pierogi looks similar to the irachipathiri of our Malabar region.

Meat, cabbage and mushrooms go into the traditional Pierogi. Regarded as the national food of Poland, it is a must-have dish on the dinner table for Christmas. But the Polish prefer to have a vegetarian Pierogi then.

In Western Poland, pulses fill up the Pierogi, while in southern Poland it is potatoes and cheese. The sweet version of Pierogi filled with strawberry or blueberry is also available in plenty.

Pierogi is said to have reached Poland from China several centuries ago. By 13th century, Polish homes started preparing Pierogi. Pierogi also finds a mention in the first cooking book published in Poland in the 17th century. Initially, Pierogi was made only for special occasions. And there were specific Pierogi to mark each event.

The Pierogi served during Christmas and Easter would be of different shape and flavour. And the Pierogi, with chicken filling, for wedding feasts would be slightly bigger.

Over the years, several of these traditions were lost and Pierogi too underwent alterations. But still Pierogi held to its prized position in Poland.

Pierogi fests are held frequently in various cities of Poland. Restaurants dedicated to Pierogi can be seen at various places in the country.

There is even a Pierogi race in which people dressed as Pierogi participate.

Pierogi has a huge fanbase even outside Poland. A huge statue, resembling a Pierogi, was installed at Alberta in Canada.