Export restrictions make crab lovers of Kochi happy

Spicy crab on a bed of curry leaves

The crabs that couldn't be exported due to coronavirus scare have now become a common delicacy on dining tables of Kochi. The price of these high-quality crabs has dropped significantly as there are restrictions on export. This has allowed people of Kochi to buy them generously and prepare delicious crab dishes.

Earlier, a kilogram of high-quality crab was sold for Rs 2,200. However, it has swiftly dropped to Rs 900. The price of other varieties of crabs, too, has gone down. Sellers used to stock up crabs no matter how high the prices were. But now, they do not stock these up as it incurs losses. They are even avoiding catching large crabs due to severe export restrictions.

Even if they are exported, the crabs have to be stored for days until the formalities are met. The crabs may die during this period. That is one of the reasons why the sellers are not stocking up large crabs.

Usually, crabs take over markets when temperature soars and when summer prawn farms get defunct. However, now, the farmers cannot help but harvest despite the low demand for crabs.

This situation has led to the crabs being sold in the local markets at Vypin. Besides, the people think that they wouldn't get another chance to buy these delicious crabs for such lower prices.