Yummy yet fit-n-fab snacks for your evening party


Gujias, Kachodis and many such tempting and mouth watering delicacies tend to hamper your fitness regime. However, healthy alternatives are replacing junk at parties and brands are putting health first with their offerings.

The same flavours, the same punch and the same intensity of pleasure, just without the guilt of having anything unhealthy.

Here is the list of five such health snacks that you can munch on this season:

Oat Idli


Starting a day with deep-fried awesomeness is so good, not! Instead, start the day with Oats, a high-fibre alternative to rice and lentils, that makes for a perfectly delicious and healthy breakfast for such an occasion. Add some nuts and veggies in the mix to twist this delicious tweak.

Low-Calorie Thandai


No celebration is fun without some special Thandai, if you know what we mean. But getting high on this sugary delight is surely not on the healthy list as well. Toppling down some fun is good enough, but not on the cost of your hard-worked fitness regime. Instead, keep it well on the fun part, just lose out the fat and fab from it. Use sugar alternatives like palm sugar or jaggery instead and going with some skimmed milk will add to its goodness as well.

FataFat Bhel

One snack that can stimulate anyone's taste buds just by its mere mention is - chaat and a best fit for a Holi party. Be it a fruit chaat, potato chaat or corn chaat, an addition of flavourful spices and tangy lemon can give a boost to all of them. It is a healthy, guilt-free chaat full with the goodness of tomatoes, peanuts and spices along with mouth-watering coriander chutney, cumin powder and handful of pomegranates scattered on top.


Know why you should urgently avoid microwave popcorn

Popcorn is a great party snack and is also a tad healthier. It is a healthy whole grain snack that has fiber and protein. Any party satisfies your taste buds with healthy and flavoured varieties from Timla Foods. Flavours like Tomato chilli, Yummy butter, Just salted, Creamy cheese, Tangy jalapeno and Piri Piri masala are the best to set your mood right.

Baked Namak Paare


Namak Paare is an all-time favourite snack in the country. A nice cup of tea and some Namak Paare after you're quite drenched in the spirit of your party makes for a soulful pleasure if nothing else.

But this festive speciality comes with a price as you can gain weight. A handful of these can do some serious damage to your body sculpting routine; instead try the baked version. You can buy these online or simply head to the nearest confectionery to order some, they taste the same as their deep-fried counterparts but are definitely more healthy.