Double Horse launches jaggery powder as healthy substitute for sugar

Double Horse launches jaggery powder as a healthy substitute for sugar | Shutterstock

People have realized how important it is to stay away from processed sugar to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, not many are aware about the perfect substitute for sugar that could add sweetness to your dishes while keeping you healthy and fit. Double Horse, one of the most trusted food brands in the country has launched jaggery powder which is touted as the healthier substitute for sugar.

It is incredibly easy to use jaggery powder in a variety of dishes. You could even add it in tea or coffee or even in soft drinks. The brand claims that the Double Horse jaggery powder could be used to bake cakes and cookies or make the traditional payasam (dessert) and sweet snacks as well.

One hundred percent organic jaggery has been used to make the product. The brand claims that chemicals or other preservatives aren’t added in the packed jaggery powder. As there aren’t any complex refining process involved in the production of the product, the nutritional benefits of the jaggery powder isn’t lost. Besides, this jaggery powder is a store house of phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium and many other minerals and nutrients. Jaggery is excellent to purify blood and ease digestion as well.

Double Horse has created a revolution in the packaged food industry for the last 6 decades by producing high quality food products. Launching the jaggery powder, Vinod Manjila, CEO of Double Horse said that the brand intends to make a significant contribution to the health sector by introducing the jaggery powder which is an incredible alternative for processed sugar.