French baker makes Coronavirus-shaped Easter eggs

French baker makes coronavirus-shaped Easter eggs
Easter eggs shaped like a novel Coronavirus in France | Photo: AFP

One might think twice before getting this latest edition of Easter eggs – an edible Coronavirus. Chocolate maker Jean-François Pre has designed Easter eggs shaped like a novel Coronavirus.

The Easter eggs are made of white chocolate coloured in black and red coloured almonds, in his shop at Landivisiau in western France. Once the white chocolate shells are ready, it is given a black colour and later stick the red almonds on top if it to give a look of the spikes in the novel Coronavirus.

According to South China Morning Post, dozens of this delectable Coronavirus have been sold over the past week.

The baker decided to make this new Easter egg in order to bring a smile among the people during the tough time.

Chocolate maker Jean-François Pre shows easter eggs shaped like a novel Coronavirus in his shop in Landivisiau, western France. Photo: AFP

The threat of a pandemic has become increasingly real as coronavirus spreads across the world – from Asia, to Europe, the Middle-east, now parts of the United States and even Africa.

Worldwide, there are over 110,000 confirmed cases of the new virus, with more than 3,800 deaths attributed to it.

While the virus is slowing down in China, where it originated in December last year, it is picking up elsewhere. The total number of cases have seen an unprecedented spike in the recent days in several countries, especially Iran, the epicentre of the crisis in the Middle-east.