Young Ryan's food review vlog goes viral


Amongst the many YouTube channels on food and cooking, most are exclusively reserved for grown ups. Maybe that is why an interesting food review shot by 10-year-old Ryan Roney, lovingly called Chackochan, quickly went viral.

In the video, he is seen enjoying soft and fluffy idli and dosa with some coconut chutney. While eating, Ryan explains that the food is cooked by his mother whom he calls an excellent cook. He keeps saying that the food tastes amazing and how much he loves eating his mother's food.

Not just that, Ryan also explains the benefits of eating nutritious food. He swears that his hair has grown in just a week by eating good food. He doesn't forget to advice his young audience that their hair, too, would grow faster if they eat well. Meanwhile, Ryan's mother could be heard yelling from the kitchen asking him to eat his food and not watch videos on the phone. It was only later that the mother realized that little Ryan was shooting a food review video.

Netizens are super impressed by Ryan and his passion for home cooked food prepared lovingly by his mother.