Enjoy food fest at Kochi Marriot and win a lucky trip to Malaysia

Enjoy food fest at Kochi Marriot and win a lucky trip to Malaysia

The vibrant streets of Malaysia are known for their thrilling night life and hundreds of food stalls that serve mouth-watering local dishes. An exciting food fest is being held at the Kochi Marriot by the Tourism Malaysia to introduce the country's unique flavours to the Malayali palates.

The food festival is organized by the Malaysian consulate in association with Tourism Malaysia and Malindo Air. Chef Sinal, a well known Malaysian culinary expert, is here at Kochi to curate the food fest.

The Tourism Malaysia food festival is held at Marriot's Kochi kitchen everyday up to 14 July from 7 pm to 11 pm. Chef Sinal's special performance which combines culinary skills and acrobatics is the highlight of the event. Chef Ravinder Panwar of the Marriot joins chef Sinal in the kitchen to whip up some delectable Malaysian delicacies.

The foodies at Kochi are lining up to taste varieties of chicken and fish dishes, delicious preparations using egg, an impressive menu of veggie dishes, unique Malaysian sweets and desserts, Malaysian rural dishes and their world famous street food. On the concluding day of 14th July, an elaborate Malaysian special brunch would be served from 12:30 in the noon to 4 in the evening.

Tourism Malaysia deputy director Logi Dhasan Dhanraj and Kochi Marriot general manager Sumeet Suri took part in the opening ceremony of the food fest. The Visit Malaysia 2020 project envisions bringing more than a million Indian tourists to Malaysia. Dhanraj and Suri said that a few lucky diners could win free air tickets to enjoy a mesmerizing trip to Malaysia.