Iftar Special: Here are 5 kinds of biryani you can try this Ramadan


Here are five kinds of biryanis for you to try this Ramadan for iftar meals.

Thalassery Chicken Biryani


Blending Arabian, Persian and Indian styles, Thalassery cuisine, by nature, dominates with many flavors. The Thalassery biryani, unlike other biryanis, it is well-known and differs from the others due to the type of rice that is used to cook. It is cooked using the kaima or biryani rice which is significantly smaller that normal rice. This Eid, let your platter consist of flavours, colors and delicious smell. Read recipe here

Vermicelli Chicken Biryani


This is an interesting recipe that you 'must' try at home. Live a little, dangerously. Replace the ususal biriyani rice with vermicelli. With almost similar recipe for a regular biryani, this dish is quicker to make. On the health point of view, vermicelli is a good replacement for all those who are excluding rice from their diet. Surprise your family and friends with a little twist this Eid. Read recipe here

Yakhni Pulao


This celebrated dish of Northern India is coming down to the south. It is a signature dish, especially during Eid. The process of slow cooking the biryani is the main aspect of this dish. This process allows the added flavors to blend with the rice to create the perfect biryani. Pairing Yakhni pulao with mutton is a well acclaimed combination for the longest time. Read recipe here

Thalassery Mussels Biryani


Tired of regular chicken, mutton biryanis? Malabar cuisine does not go unnoticed without including their all-time favorite. mussels. It is included in different types of dishes, even biryani. If you have plans to experiment a new biryani, this is where you could begin. Along with the thalassery masala, the mussels are just the right combination for this Eid. Read recipe here

Hyderabadi dum biryani


When we talk about biryani, this is one of the recipes that you cannot miss out. Unlike other biryani recipes, Hyderabadi dum biryani is considerably easier to cook. It is one of the most delicious biryanis around. The combination of cucumber raita or onion raita and Hyderabadi dum biryani cannot be missed. Try this mouth-watering dish at home. Read recipe here