Here's 'Uppum Mulakum' fame Alsabith cooking his favourite dish in two minutes


Child star Alsabith has been entertaining the television audience as the lovable Kesu in the super hit sitcom Uppum Mulakum. The audience loves to watch the naughty Kesu who is an avid foodie too. Alsabith, who made his grand mini screen entry through a cooking reality show, proves that he is a pro at cooking, even at a young age. The young actor who is on a break from his busy shooting schedules is all pumped up and ready to cook a special dish for Onmanorama.

“I am going to prepare a special banana fry today. I am not the one who invented this dish. However, this one would be one of the items that came out best in my cooking experiments. Usually, we would peel the banana and just eat it. But this one is a little different,” says Alsabith with his quintessential charm.

Alsabith recalls that his mother, who works in the post office, wouldn’t be at home when he returned from the school. So, he used to cook little snacks and treats on his own using the ingredients that were around. It was this experience which gave him the confidence to take part in the cooking reality show ‘Kuttikalavara’. Though his character in Uppum Mulakum is a foodie, Alsabith vows that he is not one in real life. Meanwhile, the young star calls his mother for assistance saying, “My mother should come to light the stove. Earlier I used to cook on an induction cooker.”

Enter Alsabith’s mother who is proud about her son’s incredible cooking and acting skills. “When the pan has heated up, add some ghee and roast the bananas. After fried chicken, this is the snack that Alsabith really loves. He would be happy if this snack is packed to school every day. But he doesn’t like pazham pori (banana fritters) much. Nor does he eat bananas. Alsabith wasn’t chubbier like this when he was little. I had cooked this dish to make him eat bananas. I recommend this dish to all the mothers who have school going kids,” suggests Alsabith’s mother.

Alsabith carefully flips the bananas, after smearing some more ghee and waits for the bananas to be roasted well on both sides. After transferring the roasted bananas into a plate, the young actor sprinkled some sugar on top of it. “It hardly takes two minutes to prepare this dish. If your kids do not like eating big bananas, you could cook this dish for them. You can trick them into eating bananas by adding ghee and sugar,” concludes Alsabith with a smile.

Check out the recipe of Alsabith's favourite bananas roasted in ghee.


1 big banana (ripe and sliced into round pieces)

½ tsp ghee

Sugar as required


Heat ghee in a dosa pan and add the banana slices

Before flipping the bananas, add some more ghee on top of it

When both sides are roasted well, transfer the banana slices into a plate

Sprinkle sugar on top.