What has Kadaknath chicken got to do with Virat Kohli?

What has the Kadaknath chicken got to do with Virat Kohli?

The agri science centre in Jabhua, Madhya Pradesh has sent a letter to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and also to the Indian skipper Virat Kohli suggesting that the players should avoid eating grilled chicken and switch to the 'Kadaknath' chicken. It was senior scientist IS Thomar who explained the nutritional benefits of the Kadaknat chicken, in the letter.

In a recent chat show, Kohli had said that though he loves to eat grilled chicken with mashed potatoes for lunch, the fat and cholesterol in it bothers him and hence considered vegan diet to be better than it.

Quoting research reports hailing the nutritional qualities of the Kadaknath chicken, Thomar stated that they contain very low amount of cholesterol and fat, and are storehouses of protein and iron. He added that consuming Kadaknath chicken would help to improve the stamina and overall health of the players.

These are some of the health benefits of the much celebrated Kadaknath chicken:

1. The Kadaknath chicken is also called kaali maasi or black chicken as the meat is black in colour due the presence of melanin contents and iron.

2. The Jhabua breed is the most famous one. Large scale Kadaknath farms are functioning at Alirajpur and Dhar districts.

3. Kadaknath is the only avian species in India which has the geographical indication tag.

4. The meat has high protein, low fat and low cholesterol.

5. The fat in it is just 0.73% - 1/03% compared to 5% - 6% in the regular chicken varieties.

6. It contains 184 milligrams of cholesterol per kilo of meat whereas other varieties of chicken has 214 milligram per kilo.

7. Kadaknath has 25 - 17 % of protein while others just contain 16-17%.

8. According to many health reports, consuming Kadaknath chicken would help to ease respiratory illness as well.