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Last Updated Wednesday April 24 2019 07:08 AM IST

Did you know that ginger tea can cure migraine? Read this

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Migraine is a common disease that is to be shielded by making radical changes in lifestyle than by medicines. For that first you need to have a clear idea about triggers migraine. Migraine is most often caused by the stimulation of these triggers. Most prominent among the triggers are eating habits.

Studies prove that foodstuffs and eating schedules largely contribute to migraine. There are food items that can successfully resist migraine. Even though coffee is a migraine generator, it can also considerably relieve the pain of migraine. Magnesium, calcium, starch, fiber diet and ginger are migraine resistant.

This is what the studies say:

In 1983, a study was conducted among 88 children who were admitted in Hospital for Sick Children in London for migraine. The study proved that 78 children were completely relieved of the disease and others were partially relieved merely by diet control. Today, there is a migraine diet that is practiced globally.

Migraine Diet


If you are troubled by chronic migraine, you definitely need to include these food items in your diet:

Rice with bran

Cooked vegetables (Broccoli, spinach etc)

Cooked carrot and sweet potato

Vitamins (Riboflavin (Vitamin B), 400 mg daily, Omega 3 fatty acid, CoQ 10).

Minerals: 40% of migraine patients have magnesium deficiency. So, they need to take 400 milligrams of magnesium daily. Whole grains and leafy vegetables are rich sources of magnesium.

Food items that resist migraine

Ginger juice: 1 spoon daily

Magnesium: 400 – 700 milligrams daily

Calcium: (1-2 grams) along with Vitamin D 5 microgram.

Tender coconut water: Fruit juices may not be suitable for all. Tender coconut is ideal in such situations.

Omega 3 fatty acid (Sea fish)

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) or ubiquinone: Coenzyme resembles vitamins. 35% of migraine patients have coenzyme deficiency. 200 milligrams of Ubiquinone will curb migraine.

These food items are essential:

Spinach, sweet potato, rice with bran and grains which are rich sources of magnesium

Broccoli, fat-free milk, grains, mushroom, fat-free beef (Riboflavin rich foods. Must take at least 400 milligrams of riboflavin)


Sea fish (sardine), olive oil, egg (omega 3 fatty acids)

Drink at least 12 glasses of water a day. Dehydration causes migraine. Herbal tea and fat-free milk are ideal.

Migraine triggering food items

Those containing tyramine and phenylethylamine (chocolate, cheese, vinegar, lemon, olive, avocado, plum, fruits, processed food products, bacon, hotdog, beer, red wine)

Those containing caffeine (coffee, tea, great tea, and cola)

Those containing aspartame (artificial sweeteners, yoghurt, some sweets)

Those containing monosodium glutamate (Chinese food items)

Those containing sulphites (they are preservatives contained in fruits, wines and other processed foods)

Those containing nitrates (hotdogs, sausages, pickles and capsicum)

Alcohol (beer, red wine and cherry. Dehydration due to alcohol consumption also can cause migraine).

Those containing coumarin (migraine is triggered when you take bread as the yeast used in it can contain coumarin. Likewise, yeast in pizza also causes head ache)

Choline and casein contained in milk can trigger migraine

Ice cream (Chilled ice creams can cause migraine for some people. The head ache is triggered within 30-60 seconds after taking ice creams. This is not because of the ice cream, but due to the sudden surge of chill in the mouth. This head ache will soon come down.

Ginger is the best

Ginger tea

Ginger is the most ideal cure for migraine. It is better to take ginger tea than to eat it raw. Put finely minced ginger in the tea pot and boil. Add tea dust when the water boils. Add sugar for taste. Drink it in the morning every day. Ginger relieves pain by resisting a hormone-like compound called prostaglandins that cause pain and inflammation.

Migraine premonitions

Hours before migraine occurs, 60 percent of patients can experience depression, hallucination, anxiety, strong craving for food, fatigue, constipation, excess thirst and an urge to urinate. Aura is another symptom of migraine. It lasts for 5-20 minutes before the head ache occurs. It consists of a circular luminous radiation, a black spot, fading eyesight, weakening of one side, numbness etc. Should not take paracetamol tablets very often. Sumatriptan is one of the key medicines for migraine. Amitriptyline, Tropiramate and Sodium valproate are also used to treat and prevent migraine.

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