Lok Sabha candidates have a few tips to beat the heat

Lok Sabha candidates have a few tips to beat the heat
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The election fever has gripped Kerala and the candidates are already feeling the 'heat'. Many of them are on tight schedules as they try to reach every constituency, meeting and greeting voters. However, they admit that the summer sun is taking a toll on their energy levels as they feel exhausted pretty quickly. All the three coalitions have decided to refrain from campaigning during the noon time when the sun is the harshest. They resume their campaign programs when the temperature has gone down a bit in the afternoon. The candidates and their supporters wonder whether they have to reschedule the campaign schedules if the scorching heat keeps soaring in the coming days.

Tharoor's secret juice

Shashi Tharoor, the candidate from Thiruvananthapuram, clearly looks exhausted and tired after campaigning under the blazing summer sun. He drinks lots of water to keep his body refreshed and cool. He likes to sip on gooseberry juice which is loaded with vitamin C. Gooseberry juice is excellent to fight dehydration. His supporters offer him drinking water wherever he goes for campaigning. He has become an admirer of the tea from the wayside tea stalls. Tender coconut water too is consumed regularly to keep away fatigue. However, Tharoor hasn’t cut down on his campaign schedules due to the scorching heat. He says that he would forget about the heat when he meets people.

Lok Sabha candidates have a few tips to beat the heat
Shashi Tharoor having a cup of tea during his election campaign

Tender coconut water for Divakaran

C Divakaran begins campaigning at 7am. Due to the scorching heat, he has cancelled his campaigning between 11am and 3.30pm. However, Diwakaran would call it a day only after attending all the scheduled programs. He drinks lots of boiled water and tender coconut water to energize his body.

Kummanam swears by yoga

Kummanam Rajasekharan had been roaming around in air conditioned cars as the governor of Mizoram before he landed in the blazing heat of Thiruvananthapuram as the NDA candidate in the constituency. He began his campaign by cleaning a pond and drinks lots of water to keep his body hydrated. Kummanam says that his body can survive the scorching heat as he turns to nature to nourish and strengthen his body. He begins his day by practising yoga and would set out for campaigning by 7:30am. After lunch, he would rest for at least one and half hours before resuming the campaign.

Sampath is happy about vehicle campaigning

Attingal LDF candidate A Sampath is relaxed as the phase of vehicle campaigning has begun. He says that it is the only way he could stand in some shade while interacting with the voters. He carries bottles of drinking water with him. Sampath begins campaigning by 8:30am and ends the session by 1:30 pm. Sometimes he would rest a bit after lunch. However, the candidate says that he wouldn’t often get time to rest. He ends a day of intense campaigning by 9:30 pm, after which he would attend the assessment meeting. He would go home only after that.

Lok Sabha candidates have a few tips to beat the heat
A Sampath during his election campaign

Summer ideas of Adoor Prakash

UDF candidate Adoor Prakash has introduced a unique idea in his campaign sessions. While requesting for votes, the candidate hands out a small notice as well. The notice titled 'How to overcome the blazing summer' states a few instructions for his party workers to effectively take on the scorching heat. In the notice, it is clearly stated that the campaigning would be conducted from early morning to 11 am and after 3:30pm in the afternoon. Adoor Prakash begins his campaigning by 6:30am. His supporters and party workers arrange drinking water for Prakash at all the centres.

Shobha is cool

Shobha Surendran may be the last candidate to join the election race in the constituency. However, she is working hard to catch up by campaigning vigorously in all the centres. Her campaigning begins at 7 in the morning. She depends on clean drinking water to quench thirst and to keep her body hydrated.