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Last Updated Sunday March 25 2018 10:46 AM IST


Sweet stuffed bun

Filled with little lumps of goodness, this goodie is a health shot. And tasty too!

Mutton korma

Get the unbeatable flavour of marinated meat in lush gravy

Tapioca Masala

Taking in the aroma of the spices and the crunchiness of the coconut, the tapioca bites seem irresistible.


From the family of 'Pathiri', the 'Neypathiri' sure scores with its unique taste.

Fish Pulao

Pulao is a dinner table delight! Tweak that recipe in your cookbook to make a fish pulao in an all new Malabari style!

Prawn Coconut Milk Curry

Seafood in Malabar is cooked simply, yet tastefully. Coconut milk is a great agent for seafood since it lends that deliciously creamy texture to the gravy.

Bread Mukki Porichathu

And amusingly enough, this is a sweet snack! The Malabari way of making that age-old recipe of toasting bread dipped in egg!

Karimeen Porichathu

For a sumptuous treat made from fresh water produce, try the irreplaceable Pearl spot in coconut milk gravy.

Vegetable Pulao

The pulao or pilaf is among the best loved dishes in Asian cuisine. Get them vegetables, toss them into the pulao, and bring to your table, one of the finest meals ever!

Chicken Chilli Curry

Flavourful spices blend in well with the succulent chicken, giving it an extra twist. The chilli infuses the required drama, and your weekend recipe is made in a jiffy!

Masala Rice

A specialty from the coasts of Malabar, this masala rice is spicy, delicious and beyond compare!

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