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Last Updated Friday March 24 2017 05:35 AM IST

Tomato Upma

Tomatoes add colour and flavour to this breakfast favourite.

Mewa Laddoo

When it comes to establishing healthy eating patterns in the young, parents usually fail because they opt for the convenience of buying storebought food. Give them tasty homemade treats that are healthy and they will stop demanding junk food. This collection of healthy, energy packed, kidfriendly...

Egg Rice

Breakfast, lunch or dinner … cereals are a musthave for most of us. Carbrich cereals charge us with energy and are best eaten with proteins for a balanced meal. Rice, wheat, oats, barley, corn, the list of cereals goes endless. Bina Mathew and Razia Maliekal bring us a cereal experience with...

Marble Dessert

Buttered arrowroot biscuits soaked in coffee, flavoured with cocoa, layered with butter icing and served chilled.

Beef Kurma

Beef cooked with onions and coconut, flavoured with cashew paste and garnished with coriander leaves.


A south Indian salad variant from the food palette of Karnataka, Kosambri is a mixture of legumes and vegetables tempered deliciously the south Indian way.