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Last Updated Thursday April 27 2017 03:08 AM IST


Goan Prawns Curry

With all the tastes of coastal Goa, this prawns curry is a must try

Meen vevichath

Try out this hot and sour fish curry made with Kudampuli in toddy-shop style.

Meen Pollichathu

Wrapped in plantain leaves, delicious pomfret is baked with spices and coconut milk to create the classic Meen Pollichathu!

Fish Masala

Fish cooked in a spicy masala that makes you want to sing tra-la-la-la-la!

Meen Peera Pattichathu

A generous proportion of grated coconut adds a depth of flavour to this enticing fish dish!

Mathi Vattichathu

Sardines boiled with heady spices and cocoum, this preparation echoes Kerala's native seafood cuisine culture.

Fish Pollichathu

Fish pollichathu, or Meen pollichathu is pomfrets smeared with spices and wrapped in banana leaves steamed to a perfect degree. Here, we see a variation of it, without using the wrap-and steam method.