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Last Updated Friday August 18 2017 06:46 AM IST

Pal Payasam

Rich and creamy, the pal payasam is our version of flowing white milk chocolate.

Vegetable payasam

Vegetables in a payasam? Say cheers to this incredible new “nutritious” payasam.

Aracha Payasam

Aracha payasam a simple payasam, made with rice, jaggery and milk, invokes memories of quaint kitchens.


Kada mutta uthappam

Egg dosas are a hot favourite already, at the street stalls and midnight college canteens. In Kerala though, the quail egg uthappam is a specialty that is catching up among foodies mighty fast.

Beef curry

Beef cooked with aromatic spices and coconut slivers


Layers of rice batter with meat cooked to perfection


Egg cheese uthappam

Dosa in its many avatars are one among the many reasons to stay in love with this versatile food. The egg and cheese uthappam here is novel and an absolute delight

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