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Last Updated Friday April 28 2017 11:33 PM IST

Watermelon Salad

Welcome to the world of different cheeses and a whole new list of recipes using them!What is cheese? It is a product made from churned milk. Different varieties of cheese are produced by different kinds of processing of the solid extract from churned milk. Our desi paneer aka cottage cheese is a...

Khati roll

A simple stuffed-chapati course which needs less than ten minutes for preparation.

Paneer-egg sandwich

A rich paneer- egg sandwich topped by an exquisite layer of fine butter and white pepper.

Pressure cooker naan

No need of tandoors or grills, you can easily cook naans at home using this easy method!

Matka kulfi

The most authentic version of kulfis, matka kulfi is the yummiest of the lot.

Malai kulfi

Nothing beats kulfis- the rich, creamy Indian substitute of ice creams.

Arbi cutlet

An easy recipe to make awesome cutlets out of boring colocasia.

Panchkuthi Dal

Varieties of dal all put together with a dash of cinnamon, lots of tomatoes and ghee.


A spicy-crunchy snack for a fun evening.

Mango Ice cream

This mango ice cream is full of the sweet smells and flavours of summer.

Black Dal Curry

If you thought the urad dal was only for idlis and vada, here’s a creamy, rich urad dal dish that will prove you wrong.


Made of mutton and wheat, haleem is a meal in itself. Here is the Hyderabad version!