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Last Updated Tuesday May 23 2017 10:35 AM IST

Warm yourselves up with these winter recipes

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Winter recipes

As the mist draws patterns on window panes reminding winter is upon us, all we want is comfort food – albeit without the effort it takes to make it.

But what if it involves messing up on our diet and workout sessions? Well, we have the perfect antidote for this problem. Here, Onmanorama lists out eight easy and healthy recipes to make your tummy happy during the winter.

Mushroom and baby corn soup

Mushroom and Baby Corn Soup

A good source of Vitamin D and antioxidant minerals, mushroom is something that is available in all seasons and suits most diet plans. Baby corn is a good source of fiber and Vitamin C. Combine these two into a bowl full of healthy soup and give yourself an energy shot on a lazy day.

Find mushroom and baby corn soup recipe here

Carrot halwa

5 syrupy sweets you'll dig this Holi

Gajar ka halwa must be one of the most celebrated Indian desserts in the recent times. It can be made and stored easily. It is the one sweet that we make for all festivals and it can be served hot or cold. Rich with milk and ghee, it can work just fine as a comfort food.

Find carrot halwa recipe here

Aloo paratha


Stuffed parathas can definitely keep you stuffed during the chilled months. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are too lazy to make a side dish, just go with a small bowl of curd.

Find out how to make aloo parathas here

Mutton jug-broth


Bone broth and stock are known for their ability to boost immune system and as a rich protein source. Mutton broth is the ultimate nutrition powerhouse that you can have during winter. A sip of this steaming bowl of goodness is deeply soothing on a cold day.

How to make mutton jug-broth- Watch video

Stuffed meat brinjal


Be it rain or snow, snacks are your best friends for all indoor seasons. However, eggplants would not be among the first 10 when you think of snacks. But trust us, with the right filling, this humble vegetable can work miracles. Halved brinjals or eggplants are given a minced meat and spices filling and then made crunchy with crumbs. Watch the video for the full recipe.

How to make mutton stuffed meat brinjal- Watch video

Mutton rasam

Mutton Rasam

Rasam can speed up your metabolism and thus help in losing weight. Rasam is also the best food to have when you are down with a flu. The mutton makes this magic drink even more delicious. Be it summer, winter or monsoon, a bowl of hot and steamy rasam is the best thing to have at the end of a meal.

Find mutton rasam recipe here

Arbi cutlet

Arbi cutlet

Arbi cutlets or spiced colocasia patties are one of the cheapest snack that you can make for the evening tea. You won't easily get tired of these hot and spicy munchies fresh out of the pan. This easy recipe works best for a lazy winter afternoon.

Find arbi cutlet recipe here

Potato wedges

Potato wedges

Nights are the chilliest during winter times. If you are watching a movie or chatting with friends, a blanket and coffee may not be enough to ward off the piercing chill. Munching on something spicy could make the scene a bit warmer. It takes little effort to bake or pan fry some spiced up potatoes. With the step by step recipe we have, things go way too easy.

Find potato wedges recipe here

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