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Last Updated Saturday November 18 2017 02:25 AM IST

Onam – food as rich as history

A peek into the archives to ferret out the origins of what’s served has turned up some very interesting facts about today’s Onam dishes.

I can't resist the food I love: M.G. Sreekumar

What happens when food is the topic of discussion between partners? There is bound to be some dissent layered over some fond memories, but mostly, it will be a chaos of merriment. That's what happened when singer-composer M.G. Sreekumar and his doting wife, Lekha Sreekumar, started talking about

I love beef, but I respect others' sentiments: Chef Manish Mehrotra

Kolkata: Star chef Manish Mehrotra does not agree with the beef ban and says one must enjoy food but respect others' sentiments as well."As a chef, I do not agree with all these. Till the time I am eating it and not hurting anyone, it's fine," Mehrotra told IANS on the sidelines of the India Story

Payasam with bitter gourd? Oh yes, says Mary

Muvattupuzha: There was no room for second thoughts on including her, when they had tasted the sweet and tasty payasam made out of the severely bitter, bitter gourd and also the very sour, irumban puli (averrhoa bilimbi), made by Mary Cherian. Now, who are "they"? They are none other than

A 3 ingredient cheesecake, anyone?

When Japanese video chef Ochikeron uploaded her 3 ingredient video recipe for a delectable cheesecake, she didn't realize that she had gone for a culinary masterstroke of sorts. Within two years, the video grabbed about 1.6 million eyeballs, and has been showing a steady growth in its patrons. The

ManoramaOnline-Saras Christmas Breakfast Contest, Season 2

Kottayam: ManoramaOnline and Saras Currypowder are joining hands to offer you a chance to win prizes by taking part in a breakfast contest. Participants have to post their breakfast recipes at the breakfast contest page at ManoramaOnline. One contestant can send in only one entry.Twenty contestants

A Journey through Taste Land with Anoop

“’Good morning Anoop’, is what the fresh whiff of crisp ghee dosa in the air seems to say every morning as I emerge from my bedroom at home in Kozhikode. I hurry to brush my teeth, grab a steel plate and sit near the hearth where my grandmother is making dosas for breakfast. She turns her head to

Waking up to the Dosa Alarm

It was breakfast time as usual at Jayaram’s house in Valsaravakkaom. The kitchen was fragrant with the heady aroma of Malli Sambar. Former celluloid sweetheart Parvathi aka Aswathi was shining in her role as the heroine of this kitchen. When she is busy in the kitchen, she does not entertain any

Federer relishes king-size naan, Indian curries

New Delhi: International tennis legend Roger Federer got a taste of India when he feasted on a giant-sized naan, served with the usual non-vegetarian and vegetarian accompaniments, and then its traditional desserts at a signature restaurant during his maiden trip to the country.

Putting he'art' into the cake!

So I thought cakes were delicious, but also flat and mostly four-cornered, at the most with an imprint of someone/something on it, all done up with lush creamy cream! That’s what I had learnt from the books of Enid Blyton! Little did I know how little I knew, until I met Anna! Anna’s cakes are

Kunchacko the Foodie!

Learn about Kunchacko’s romance with food as he narrates interesting anecdotes from his life.After a recent injury during a film shooting, Kunchacko has been recuperating at his wife’s house in Thiruvananthapuram, enjoying the well -deserved break from a hectic schedule. An enticing aroma wafts out

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor delighted with the 'new' Indian kitchens

Mumbai: The conventional dal-roti staple apart, every Indian kitchen is witnessing experiments galore. Whether it's a desi twist to the Italian pasta or a tinge of the batata vada in a burger, Indians are trying food items and cuisines more than ever before, says veteran star chef Sanjeev

To serve, with love!

Behind every successful man, they say, there is a woman. A woman who is a mother, a sister, a friend and a spouse. And, most importantly the homemaker. The one who decides what to cook and feed the family on a day to day basis; what to whip up every single day so she could make everyone else happy.

‘Cooking is not meant for women alone’

“Mutton Biriyani is something that I would like to cook for my wife,” says the loving husband Robert Bobby George, Dronacharya award winner and the husband of national record setting athlete Anju Bobby George. This husband who has coached his own wife has also tried his hand at the kitchen and is

Black tea it is!

He has mesmerised us with his music and the fabulous strokes of his bow. But would he want to whip up something special for his lady love? Meet renowned violinist Balabhaskar. Known for several music compositions including the album Nee Ariyan, Balabhaskar has won many hearts with his commendable

A politician who does not shy away from cooking

We know G Sudhakaran as a popular leader and someone who dabbles with poetry; but there is something many people do not know about him. He is an ace in the kitchen too. He loves food, and for him, it is good food that makes the bonds stronger. We quiz him on what he would dish up for his wife

Never missed a chance to cook: Tovino

Actor Tovino Thomas recently tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Lidiya. After being part of 'ABCD', 'Koothara' and other movies, he seems to be on the lookout for more such engrossing characters. When asked how good a cook he is, shifting focus from camera to kitchen, Tovino said, "I do cook

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