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Last Updated Saturday December 03 2016 10:06 AM IST

Steamed eggs

Forget frying or hard-boiling eggs, try out this tender Chinese steamed eggs



Anita Maria Joseph of Mazhavil Manorama's 'Dhe Chef', shows how to bake a mouth watering flan, an easy milk-based dessert.

Orange Cream Surprise

Surprise your friends and family with this aptlynamed dessert. The fresh, tangy flavour of the oranges complements the sweetness of the pudding to give this dessert a refreshingly unique taste. Try it to believe it!

Sunshine Pudding

As the name suggests, this Sunshine pudding is sure to bring some sunshine into your meal and into your life as well, thanks to all the compliments that will flow in! This pudding is threelayered and made with one of the healthiest fruits apricots.

Mushroom Spinach Lasagne

This is a lasagna preparation filled with mushrooms and spinach a treat for vegetarians and a healthy treat for kids as well.


Yummylicious pizza with herbed tomato topping, cheese and sausages.

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

Less on the spicy side, but rich in flavours, this exotic chicken curry is curried with coconut milk and chosen spices.

Chicken Pie

A fabulous dish out of left over chicken pieces from the curry prepared, this chicken pie is that mantra that lures your kids to the dining table for after school goodies.

Apricot Cream

All sweet stuff becomes decadent when they are jazzed up with indulgent, meltinthe mouth gooey condensed milk. Here are a bunch of recipes from Ramla Nadukkandi from Kozhikode and Annu Ididkkula from Kochi that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.Apricot CreamSend guilt on a

Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Pasta with NoodlesThe easiest and most stylish dishes to serve surprise guest s are without doubt the pasta and noodles. Penne, macaroni, spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli are just a few of the varieties of pasta available. Any of these may be used for the recipes detailed


Chill the heat with this cool Mexican appetizer!