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Last Updated Thursday November 23 2017 12:42 PM IST

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Apricot cream

All sweet stuff becomes decadent when they are jazzed up with indulgent, meltinthe mouth gooey condensed milk. Here are a bunch of recipes from Ramla Nadukkandi from Kozhikode and Annu Ididkkula from Kochi that is sure to satisfy your sweet...

Orange Cream Surprise

Surprise your friends and family with this aptlynamed dessert. The fresh, tangy flavour of the oranges complements the sweetness of the pudding to give this dessert a refreshingly unique taste. Try it to believe it!

Date Bread Pudding

The timeless and classic appeal of the bread pudding, is given a nutritious and sweet boost, with the addition of dates. Easy to rustle up, with healthy ingredients, it is sure to be the favourite family dessert of all kids and their Moms as well!

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