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Last Updated Wednesday August 23 2017 08:03 AM IST

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Aval Payasam

Yet another irresistible dessert, the aval payasam, made with flattened rice, is a must-try recipe.

Aravana Payasam

Stray away from the usual payasams, and try out something new like the aravana payasam.

Ethapazham Payasam

Filled with the goodness of plantains, the ethapazham payasam is indeed an exquisite delicacy!

Couscous payasam

Payasam with poppy seeds! It's as incredible as it sounds, in a good way!

Palada pradhaman

A mouth watering dessert, it is a fitting finale to any feast in Kerala

Pazham pradhaman

A concoction of coconut milk and jaggery and banana, this payasam steals the show at feasts

Semiya Payasam

Vermicelli in sweetened milk and nuts. Now that's to relish!

Paal Ada Pradhaman

Pradhaman, especially Pal Ada Pradhaman, is the sweetest ending to a sumptuous Kerala Sadya! This will have you asking for more and more and more!

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